19 flowers you can grow indoors for beautiful blooms year-round

pink christmas cactus flower

Why drop $50 on a bouquet of flowers when you can grow them in your garden, or even indoors in a small apartment? The benefits of growing flowers indoors include the ability to enjoy them year-round, to use them in any way that you like, and to use them as a source of fresh flowers.

But not all flowers are suitable for indoor cultivation. And it’s not just about finding the types of flowers that are easy to grow. If you’re going to start growing your own flowers indoors, then you must be aware of the best-suited plants for your needs.

Here are our top picks of flowering plants that will brighten your home and thrive indoors.

1. Anthurium

The Anthurium plant is a tropical flower with beautiful, fragrant leaves and a delicate, bell-shaped flower. It is also one of the most adaptable plants in the world, exhibiting the ability to grow in a variety of conditions. Anthurium plants can thrive in just about any indoor setting, including the kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. This is because of the Anthurium’s ability to adapt to a variety of light conditions, perfect temperatures, and lack of rain.

2. Hoya Carnosa

The Carnosa plant, also known as a wax plant is a hardy indoor plant that can be used in a variety of ways around the house and is one of the best indoor flowering plants. While it naturally grows as a tropical plant in humid conditions, it is easy to grow as a house plant and makes a beautiful plant to have in your house.

3. Christmas cactus

The Christmas cactus plant is a unique plant which is a stemless cactus that comes in a variety of colors. They come in a variety of sizes too, ranging from three inches to two feet. It’s best to decide on the size you would like ahead of time and be prepared to devote a significant amount of time and energy to caring for them.

4. Gloxinia

Gloxinias are a popular houseplant that get their common name from the flowers that they produce. They live in a wide range of environments, from tropical to desert climates, and can be found in a wide range of colors and sizes. They are also a fairly easy and inexpensive houseplant to grow.

5. Hydrangeas

a cluster of white hydrangea flowers

Hydrangeas are one of the most popular flowering plants for indoor use. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, hydrangeas are perfect for adding color to your house. Hydrangeas are also very easy to grow indoors, and they can be grown in a variety of containers including water, clay, and plastic pots, as well as in the ground.

6. Jasmine

Jasmine, the fragrant evergreen climbing vine, is an extremely versatile plant that thrives in a wide range of conditions. Jasmine flowers are not only beautiful, but they also have a wide range of uses. In fact, jasmine is so versatile that it can be grown in just about any location.

7. Geranium

Geraniums are beautiful plants with showy flowers that are bright, cheery, and colorful. They are also easy to grow, especially if you grow them inside. You can enjoy their benefits year-round with the help of your indoor garden.

8. Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is one of my favorite indoor plants, for several reasons. Their small size makes them very easy to grow, and their compact nature makes them a great choice for potting or window boxes. Their light, airy nature makes them a great choice for hanging baskets.

9. Begonias

Begonia plants are among the easiest of all houseplants to grow. They are not fussy about soil or light conditions, and their tiny leaves can be pruned to fit almost any decor. When grown indoors, begonias can also be a great way to brighten up any space, especially in small spaces where they don’t need much room to spread out. If you have a small space that needs filling up, a begonia is a great choice.

10. Kalanchoe 

Kalanchoe is very easy to grow plant that can live for many years. It is a succulent that can have many different colors and is very easy to grow. They can be grown outdoors in a sunny site, but you can also grow them indoors in a sunny window, in a dorm room, or even in a cool, dark room for a beautiful foliage effect. These plants have low light needs and are susceptible to a few pests. However, their low watering requirements and ability to survive in a variety of conditions make them a good choice for many indoor gardeners.

11. Cyclamen

The Cyclamen plant is a popular flowering houseplant that’s been around for thousands of years. It’s a small, compact plant that’s valued for its beautiful blooms, which come in a variety of colors, including red and pink.

12. Phalenopsis Orchid

Phalenopsis Orchids, also known as the moth orchid, are plants that are known for producing a beautiful display of flowers. They are one of the easiest plants to grow indoors and are available in different colors and varieties. 

13. Hibiscus

pink hibiscus flowers

Hibiscus plants are grown for many purposes, such as making tea, but the most common use of the plant is in the production of the beautiful red hibiscus flower. The plant is native to tropical areas of the world but is also grown in many warm regions of the United States. The plant can be grown in a variety of different conditions, just like other plants, so growing it indoors is a great option for homes with little space or where it is freezing outside.

14. African Violet

African Violets are easy to grow and care for, but what makes them especially unique is their ability to produce fragrant flowers year-round. Whether you want to grow your own African Violet indoors for the enjoyment of your garden and friends or to create a personal focal point for any space, there’s nothing like the beauty and scent of an African Violet.

15. Oxalis

The Oxalis flower plant is one of the most popular houseplants in the world. It is known for its beautiful leaves and the clusters of purple flowers that grow. The flowers can be used for bouquets, floral arrangements, and dried for craft projects.

16. Bromeliads

Bromeliads are popular houseplants because they provide numerous benefits to the home, including low-maintenance care and an excellent selection of flowers. Known for their unusual, exotic appearance, Bromeliads like to be grown in the indirect sun which is perfect for your sunny windowsill. They also do well with little water and a suitable temperature range.

17. Lipstick plant

The lipstick plant is a great way to add beauty and comfort to your home. It is a tropical plant that is an absolute must for the grower looking to diversify their indoor garden. This is a plant that will bring a nice scent to your indoor décor and provide an attractive display. 

18. Kaffir Lily

Gardeners love kaffir lilies because they are hardy, low-water plants that flourish in containers and small spaces. If you are looking for a unique houseplant that is beautiful, has a long flowering period, and is easy to grow, the Kaffir Lily is worth a look.

19. Kalanchoe

Kalanchoe is a popular houseplant, often called a “poor man’s succulent,” which means that it’s a low-maintenance houseplant that can be grown virtually anywhere. Kalanchoe plants thrive indoors in a beautiful, natural way. They make a great houseplant or office plant and are easy to grow, too. Kalanchoe plants are popular in greenhouses and conservatories, so they are often grown in these environments.

In conclusion, growing flowers indoors is a great way to enjoy their beauty year-round, especially with so many varieties available. There are many types of flowers that thrive indoors and will bring beauty and fragrance to your home.

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